Back to the real world

Hi everyone!

its been a while since i have been on here, life has completely taken over!!

since i wrote my last blog, i have returned to the big bad world of work! I have managed to squeeze Fridays as a day off until after christmas so i am currently working 8-4 Monday to Thursday with my little one in nursery every day (which I’m sure he enjoys much more than being at home with boring old me!).

I have to admit, i am loving the freedom being back at work gives me. it has been a sort of release and an escape from being just ‘mum’. it is nice to have some adult conversation instead of jumping on my partner the minute he walks in the door because I’ve spoken nothing but gooble gabble all day long.

my boy is coming on to 11 months and i am lost as to where the past year has gone and is struggle to believe i am the proud mother of an almost 1 year old baby. I love the time i do spend with him it is so special because i am gone away from him all day four days a week. This age as well has been amazing he outstands and amazes me with every little thing he does. he

In terms of his Nystagmus, he has come on miles. We were eventually seen by an NHS doctor (after chasing it and them admitting they had forgotten to refer him!) and the doctor was brilliant. she did lots of tests on him and also on my partner and my partner mother too. The appointment was similar to the one we had originally but this time she was able to tell us how far he had come on since his last appointment. she said obviously he had they nystagmus but he had learnt to control his eyes! and that he had the vision of any other baby his age. The news was complete music to my ears it was the best news we could have hoped for.

Of course i know it will probably start to become more of a obstecal but I’ve never felt confident than ever we will be able to overcome them.

the worst part is finding out but after that it only gets better. it is not a condition that means the end of the word, if anything it shows hw strong we are and how amazing our children are


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